Antique Hand Hewn

Timbers created centuries ago by pioneering craftsman. Primarily used in barns and outbuildings. Modern applications include trusses, siding, furniture and accent pieces.   Montana Reclaimed Lumber Company has amassed over 400,000 board feet of high quality, one of a kind, 4-sided and 2-sided hand hewn timbers; one of the largest inventories of antique hewn in the country. Stop out and browse acre upon acre of hand hewn in all shapes and sizes.

Sizes: 6x6 to 14x18+
Hardwood Species: oak, beech, hickory, elm & ash
Softwood Species: hemlock, pine & cedar
Specialty: black walnut, cherry, wormy chestnut


Vintage Rafter Stock

Montana Reclaimed Lumber Company offers an extensive selection of reclaimed antique lumber in a variety of dimensions, colors and surface finishes. Salvaged from structures slated for demolition, these joists, rafters and other dimensional lumber products await a new purpose. This material is available “As-Is”, with a look all its own, or freshly milled, bringing out the inner beauty of the wood.

Sizes: 2x4 to 3x18
Species: hemlock, Douglas-fir, pine & oak


Reclaimed Timbers

Before Steel was common, industrial structures, schools and other large buildings relied on Douglas-fir timbers. Extremely stable and completely unique, this material can be used in an array of structural and non-structural applications. Great for timber frames, posts, mantels and more.
Montana Reclaimed Lumber Company prides itself on providing top notch, rough sawn and surfaced reclaimed Douglas-fir. Available with an original patina or resawn to fresh fiber, create a look all your own.

Sizes: 4x6 to 16x28+
Species: Douglas-fir



A Montana Original. Right off the old feed lots and horse corrals. Decades of rain, snow, and sunshine have left these boards with a look all their own. A silver gray patina awaits a new home. Ideal for paneling, siding and beyond.

Sizes: 2x6 to 3x12+
Species: Douglas-fir & pine



Antique siding boards from right off the old barn. Barnboard's color and patina runs the gamut; from smooth, interior tobacco brown to heavily weathered, rough sawn gray, to nail riddled dark brown roofboards, MRL has an option for every discerning taste. Many boards feature more than one color, creating a unique multi-tonal look. This product works well as siding, wainscot, soffit, ceilings, doors and accent pieces.

Sizes: 1x4 to 1x16+
Species: hemlock, Douglas-fir, pine & oak