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Our reclaimed siding is perfect for all projects across the design spectrum.

Reclaimed and salvaged lumber are ideally suited to the challenges faced by exterior siding, from enduring the elements over time to providing a unique façade to your home. Corral board and barn board have earned their patinas in the sun, wind, rain, and snow, proving they can perform over time. Salvaged western redcedar, with its natural resistance to decay, lends longevity and a characteristic look to projects from rustic to contemporary. Or, choose from our Core Elements line to combine the authenticity of reclaimed with the convenience of pre-finished siding.

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Hand-Hewn SIDING

To hew a log is to transform the naturally round log into a timber, with either two or four roughly flat surfaces to yield two-sided or four-sided hand-hewn, respectively. Before sawmills and lumberyards were common, craftsmen used hand tools, such as broad axes and adzes, along with hard work and skill to turn logs into timbers. This arduous work left signature adze marks on the beams, which not only add unique character and authenticity to the product, but also a nod to the lost art of hewing by hand. Because this material was crafted by hand from locally available logs, the dimensions and species vary.

Forest Salvaged Cedar

Western red cedar are long-lived trees that grow to greater than 200 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter and are common in the Pacific Northwest. Our old-growth western red cedar is salvaged from trees that were felled naturally due to high winds and/or old age. Therefore, while not reclaimed from a previous structure, no living trees were cut down for this product. Known for its tight, straight grain, few knots, and natural resistance to decay, it is ideally suited for siding and decking. Naturally it has a soft red-brown color, but can also be stained to suit your design. We have both select tight knot (STK) and clear grades.


Sun, wind, rain, snow, and plenty of time collaborate to create the gray tones in our corral board. Of all of our products, none more truly represents the iconic rural Montana landscape, with its miles and miles of fence lines, interrupted by the occasional outbuilding or corral. The available dimensions are defined by what fences are made from: 2” x 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”. From those, we can mill it smaller to fit your project.

Barn Board

This material comes from agricultural structures across North America. True barnwood, it once sided a barn or granary, and therefore exhibits a wide range of brown and gray colors within or among boards. While it is usually about an inch thick, barn siding was generally rough milled with material that was readily available at the time of the barn raising, and so our supply reflects these nuances of species and dimensions.

Rafter Stock

Over decades, the joists and rafters of warehouses, schools, homes, and other buildings take on a rich toast-to-tobacco brown patina. What once served as a structural component can now lend a look to your home that only time can create.

Core Elements

In an effort to further reclaim the reclaimed, we add exterior finish to boards band-sawn from the cores of joists, rafters, and beams. These cores exhibit some of the same characteristics as our other reclaimed lumber, like tighter growth rings, nail holes, and stability, but also provide the modern convenience of an exterior finish that is ready to side your home or clad your interior walls in a range of colors. While many try to replicate the look of reclaimed with new wood, our core elements line begins with stable antique lumber for unmatched authenticity.

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