Bring your space to life with artIfacts from the past.

Distinguish your home or business with beautiful reclaimed lumber that has been ethically gathered from well-loved buildings in remote corners of the world.

Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co. has the perfect focal point to your dream home build, the unique accent you’ve been seeking for your next remodel, or the volume and consistency to elevate your commercial project.   And when it comes to decor, our hand-crafted furnishings stand out like works of art.

Antique Lumber Products






we choose to source our products ethically.

Every tree, every knot, and every weathered board has a beginning — and a story. We choose to verify that each piece of wood we bring onto our lot comes to us directly from its rightful owner because we know how much antiques and old possessions can mean to families for generations to come.

Interested in sharing your own piece of history?

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